Which Ultimate Birthstone Cruiser Are You? 💎

Which Ultimate Birthstone Cruiser Are You? 💎

Want to take personalizing your cruiser to another level? Determine which cruiser can be yours that's associated with your birthstone!

As individuals, our unique nature and features are ingrained in us from the time we are born. We strive to set ourselves apart from others, finding things to call our own. Birthstones are a great example of one thing that sets us apart. Each comes with rare qualities and traits that intertwine with our personalities. Similar to zodiac signs, but they remain on Earth, with us. Just like humans, no birthstone is the same. As a custom bike company, we believe you should be true to yourself and express every quality and trait you have. So, what happens when you combine a birthstone's uniqueness with a unique cruiser? You get one truly personalized ride that no one can have except you. 


Garnet: Love, Friendship, Loyalty

Rose | 24" Small Cruiser | Single-Speed

Garnet comes from a Latin word meaning seed because of the crystal's rich, pomegranate red appearance. Other times, the gem is an intense green or sunburnt orange. For January, we’ve chosen our young-at-heart, deep pink, aqua, and yellow, 24-inch Small Rose cruiser. Even though she’s not red, this hot pink frame burns just as hot. Just like her design, this crystal aligns with the main strengths of the gem - love, eternal friendship, and loyalty. Warriors even believed this could protect them against accidents within their journey, which is a plus for bike rides.😉

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Amethyst: Royalty, Passion, Hope

Kingston | Men's Cruiser | Single-Speed

Amethysts are part of the quartz family, and influential people thought it was helpful for several reasons. In Ancient Greece and Rome, they would use amethysts to ward off the God of wine since it was so intoxicating. Meanwhile, in Ancient Egypt, they used the gem to guard against intrusive thoughts and guilt. On the other hand, in the Middle Ages, it was used as a symbol of royalty. The Amethyst can range from a faint purple to a deep purple. After the long history of the gemstone, in modern times, the stone is now known for meditation, peace, courage, inner strength, and clarity of mind. For February, we crafted this custom-made single-speed men's cruiser. The color represents the color of grapes and includes a range of purple shades, just like the diversity of this gemstone. Regain your inner strength, and find peace within yourself with this cruiser that can take you on a deep relaxing ride, anywhere. 💜Purchase Your Cruiser



Aquamarine: Love, Hope, Courage

Jeff | Men's Cruiser | Single-Speed

Aquamarine stems from the Latin words "aqua," meaning water, and "marina," meaning sea. Since the gemstone is closely related to the sea, it's believed mermaids would protect sailors on the sea and guarantee a safe voyage. The color represents calm, releasing fear, and bringing clarity. Aquamarine enhances the happiness of marriages, courage, love, hope, and good health. For March, we chose this customer-designed cruiser with various comforting blue colors. Coincidentally, this gemstone could also protect you on sandy shores. So, it seems like the wave is taking this calming cruiser to the beach and improving your health with a nice ride. 🌊
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Diamond: Love, Courage, Balance

Diamond | Women's Cruiser | 7-Speed

Diamonds have always been seen as unique gemstones, as people have been using them for centuries. The word "Diamond" comes from Greece, meaning unbreakable. They are known to be the most complex natural mineral on Earth. It symbolizes romance and courage, while also providing clarity, balance, and inner strength. For April, we decided to go with our Diamond girl, a 7-speed custom-made women's cruiser. Be an elite girl and get yourself re-balanced with this cruiser that goes all out, and all eyes will be on you! 💎Purchase Your Cruiser



Emerald: Friendship, Faith, Wisdom

Zeke | Men's Cruiser | Single-Speed

Emeralds have been around for a long time - Cleopatra and Venus loved the gemstone so much. "Emerald" comes from the Greek word "smaragdus," meaning green. This gem is  associated with the most beautiful green landscapes worldwide. They are now known as the symbol of rebirth and hope. Older traditions believed the Emerald had magical powers that could prevent illnesses. Whoever wears the gemstone will have good fortune, foresight, health, and youth. It promotes friendship, faithfulness, wisdom, and patience. For May, we foresaw that the only suitable bike to represent the Emerald was Zeke, a custom-built single-speed men's cruiser. With the shades of green throughout the cruiser, there's no doubt, nothing but good fortune will come your way. 💚
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Pearl: Love, Protection, Luck

Cleo | Women's Cruiser | 7-Speed

Pearls are a particular gemstone that derives from sand and water. Funny enough, they usually form when an irritation needs to be relieved. Centuries ago, pearls came from magical events; in China, they thought they were tears of the gods. For the Ancient Greeks, wearing a pearl would bring happiness to the marriage. In modern times, pearls are used for their calming and purity properties. They offer love, protection, and luck, also giving wisdom through experiences and strengthening love. For June, we chose Cleo, her calming colors throughout the bike and represents the different opacities a pearl would have. Get on this sleek cruiser and ride like you're a pearl trying to escape from a clam. Don't worry, the pearl has your back. 🚴‍♀️Purchase Your Cruiser



Ruby: Devotion, Integrity, Happiness

Ruby | Women's Cruiser | Single-Speed

Rubies are one of the most well-known gemstones out there and had many legends and myths for centuries. The name comes from the Latin word "ruber," meaning red. In the Middle Ages, Rubies brought good health, protected you from intrusive and lustful thoughts, and could cure bleeding. Many royals used it to fight off evil, and the Ruby would get darker when evil was detected. Throughout all this, the Ruby has always been a symbol of love, increasing devotion, integrity, and happiness. It stirs the blood, stimulates the heart, arouses the senses, increases imagination, and guarantees health, wealth, and wisdom. For a rich month, we decided on this custom-made, single-speed women's cruiser. The beautiful red colors throughout the cruiser will have you falling in love. Get the blood flowing, heart pumping, and awaken those senses with a grand cruiser. 💓
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Peridot: Power, Friendship, Prosperity

Chris | Men's Cruiser | 3-Speed

The Peridot is one of the oldest gemstones, with some being found in meteorites. The name comes from the Arabic word "faridat," meaning gem. Ancient Egyptians used to mine by the Red Sea and called this beauty the "gem of the sun."  They believed it would protect them from night terrors. Meanwhile, the Greeks thought that the person who wore the gemstone received royal dignity. The gem has always been an aid to friendship and helps free the mind of jealousy. It protects from evil and has magical powers and healing properties. Whoever is wearing this, receives power and prosperity while promoting abundance. For August, we chose Chris, a pre-designed 3-speed men's cruiser. While it isn't all-around green, it's known that the Peridot is one of the few gemstones with a narrow color range. Get on this royal cruiser, grab some friends (or find some new ones), and promote wellness with this sweet ride. 👯 Purchase Your Cruiser



Sapphire: Truth, Sincerity, Faith

Justin | Men's Cruiser | Single-Speed

The Sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones. Once you hear Sapphire, your mind immediately thinks of the rich blue color that the gem holds. It’s a symbol of heaven and a guardian of innocence. For centuries, royals used the Sapphire to decorate robes, rings, and other items representing nobility. Priests would wear them to protect them from impure thoughts and temptation. Legend has it that the gemstone would become darker if anyone who committed adultery wore it. Nowadays, it’s known to provide wisdom, prophecy, spiritual insights, and good fortune. The Sapphire symbolizes love, commitment, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. For September, we chose this royal blue single-speed men's cruiser, the Justin. We may be tempting you a tad, but have some faith in us and go on a noble cruise. 👑 
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Opal: Love, Passion, Desire

Aurora | Women's Cruiser | 3-Speed

The Opal is a very distinct stone from the Greek Opallos "to see a color change." This is because the color changes as it hits different angles of light. Romans greatly valued the Opal as they thought it was the most powerful and precious gem. Legend has it that holding an Opal wrapped in a bay leaf could grant you invisibility. Ancient Greeks believed that Opals held the gift of prophecy. Even though all these legends sound great, unfortunately, Opals have a reputation for bringing bad luck. But, we don't one hundred percent believe this. This gem is a symbol of love, passion, and desire. Wearing this will intensify emotional states and release inhibitions like a stabilizer. The gemstone also brings out loyalty and faithfulness. For October, we selected Aurora, our 3-speed women's cruiser, would be the perfect fit. We thought this iridescent stone represented the base color you will always see with an Opal. Have faith in us, and take the most desirable ride of your life with your loyal trustee, Aurora. 😌Purchase Your Cruiser



Topaz: Friendship, Love, Affection

Oakley | Women's Cruiser | 7-Speed

The Topaz is an exciting gem, as you can see different colors in varying directions. The name derives from the name of an old Greek island. Funny enough, no Topaz ever came from the island, but back then, there wasn't the modern technology to tell the difference between a Topaz and a Peridot. In India, there was a legend that if you wore a Topaz above your heart, it would guarantee intelligence, long life, and beauty. Meanwhile, there were beliefs that the gemstone could break evil spells during Renaissance times. Topazes are one of the most powerful healing gems, balancing emotions and protecting from greed. The gemstone is also a symbol of friendship, love, and affection. For November, we chose Oakley, a pre-designed 7-speed cruiser for women. "Well, this isn't the color of Topaz, " but as said before, the gem changes colors depending on where you're looking. Show Oakley some love and affection and heal yourself within a beautiful cruise. ☮️
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Zircon: Confidence, Motivation, Balance

Jamie | Unisex Cruiser | 7-Speed

Did you know,  Zircon is the oldest mineral on Earth? It’s 4.4 billion years old to be exact! Unfortunately, the Zircon isn’t as legendary as its other cohorts on this list. Although, in the Middle Ages, Zircon was used to guard against the plague. Aside from that, people in Europe believed the jewel would induce sleep, prevent nightmares, and promote honor, wisdom, and prosperity. Nowadays, the gemstone helps boost self-confidence and motivation while providing guidance. It possesses a strong magnetic force and has intense spiritual healing energy. Since the gem is so spiritual, it can help balance your virtuous aspects. For December, we think Jamie, a pre-designed unisex 7-speed cruiser, was the best option for this magnificent gemstone. The blue matches the lightness of the gem. Let us guide you to a sweet ride that will surely be a confidence booster! 💙
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Throughout this blog, we have seen many unique gemstones and the magical powers they bring upon us. We discover how special each person is and how one person can bring something to the table that others may not have. Expressing yourself is one of the critical things to a happy life, and at Villy Custom, we see that with these birthstones, your cruiser can be more personalized than ever. Who wouldn't want such a fantastic cruiser representing you from the inside out? While our cruisers don't contain magical powers, the magic is still there within yourself. There's nothing like riding a bike that empowers you and differs from anyone. 





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