How Your Custom Cruiser is Assembled (With Love) 💘

How Your Custom Cruiser is Assembled (With Love) 💘

Ever wondered how your bike is assembled? No need to wonder anymore. Join us on the journey of the birth of your custom cruiser.
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Villy Custom has been a great company from the day it was born, and yet here we are still celebrating success. Success starts with the founder, Fleetwood Hicks, and our fantastic staff all working together to ensure an original ride is delivered and loved. Villy Custom is one of the few bike companies that assemble bikes right here in the USA, in Summerton, South Carolina. 

You may be asking yourself, well, I know where the bikes get assembled. But, how are the bikes assembled?

Step 1 We Received Your Order

Ms. Ella receives your order and starts compiling the individual components of the bike and hands the order to Curt for scheduling.


Step 2 Delivery To Work AreaVicki delivers the individual components to the respective work assembly area.


Step 3 Getting The Colored FrameWe take whatever colored frame is in the order, place it on a bike stand, and start the pre-assembly process.


Step 4 Pre-Assembly Begins

Pre-assembly includes the bottom bracket and fork.


Step 5 Assembly Starts

Once installed, assembly starts with the kickstand and crankset.


Step 6 More AssemblingFollowing this installation, more installing happens with the rear fender, rear wheel, chain, and chainguard.


Step 7 Ready For WrappingOnce everything is ready, we wrap the frame with protective packaging.


Step 8 Going HomeEverything is prepared to go in the box, and the cruiser goes to its new home. 

Villy Custom always ensures that your bike is cared for and made with love when assembling. We want to guarantee happiness with your personalized cruiser. If you need any more help with anything, our team is happy to help with any bike issues that may occur.


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