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100% Pure Bred Bull Mastiff

Weighing in at:


Hobbies Include:

  • FAQ
  • Sniff every new package

  • Run in exhausting circles

  • Be a good boy

  • Play Fetch

  • Watch over my dad

  • Lay in the middle of everything

Is Villy Custom all really based on Villy the dog?

Yes it is! We like to joke that Villy is actually the real boss. You can catch his best side if you watch our Shark Tank episode in efforts to expand our company and it's vision.

When Villy isn't working, what does he like to do?

Our big guy is quite the adventurer. He loves to go on epic hikes, participate in picnics, and running into waterfalls!


As our mascot, Villy has a special job to represent good times.
He loves to share! If you tell Villy he's a good boy, he'll share something wonderful with you.

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