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What is the recommended height range for someone to ride your bikes?

What is the weight maximum for someone to ride your bikes?
275 lbs

Do you carry tandem bikes?
No, we do not carry tandem bikes.

Do you only offer 1-speeds?

Yes. We’re dedicated to the 1-speed easy living lifestyle.

How are the bicycles shipped?

We ship our bikes in custom “double-walled” boxes with padding and bubble-wrap around the bike, ensuring that your bike arrives in good condition. In the unusual event that your bike does arrive damaged from shipping, please review our Damage Claims/Returns Policy. We ship to all 50 states in the USA, as well as Canada. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will require additional shipping fees. Our Shipping partner is FedEx and we offer standard Ground shipping to the 48 states for a set price of $88.50 per custom bike (additional accessories or items purchased and shipped in other boxes will be shipped separately and priced using FedEx Zone/Weight guides). A signature is required to receive your bike, so please determine if you would prefer to ship it to your home or workplace. You may schedule an evening or Saturday delivery time with FedEx at no additional cost, if that fits your schedule better. 

What about damage claims?

 If you receive a bike that is damaged in any way you must make a damage claim with us. You must file your claim within 3 days after receiving your bike. To file a claim, please take a good digital photo of the damage along with a picture of the shipping box and a clear written explanation. We handle all claims via email as we must see your images to evaluate the best way to handle the claim. Once the written claim is received (along with images), we will respond within 2 business days. Please Note: very minor imperfections such as a tiny scratch, scuff, or tiny dent can occur during the shipping process. We consider this “allowable” damage and may be denied depending on the extent of the damage.

Where do you ship from?

We ship our bikes from Dallas, Texas in custom “double-walled” boxes with strapping, padding, piers, and bubble-wrap around all parts of the bike, ensuring that your bike arrives in excellent condition. In the unusual event that your bike does arrive damaged from shipping, please review our damage claims/return policy.

Where do you ship to?

We ship only to all 50 states in the USA, although shipments to Alaska and Hawaii will require additional shipping fees. We can ship to your home or office and you will receive a tracking number the day your bicycle ships out. 

What is your return policy?

In order to provide our customers with unique custom limited edition bikes, we build and ship all of our bicycles made-to-order. Due to the nature of the time that goes into our careful and extensive assembly, inspection and packing of your custom bike and accessories, along with the difficulty of safely repacking your bike or custom accessories (for return) we have a No Refund/Exchange Policy.  If you elect to cancel your order prior to Villy Custom commencing your build, we will be happy to make a refund (less any credit card fees charged by your credit card company).

How long does it take to build my bike?

Villy Custom makes every effort to build your Limited Edition bicycle within 20 business days from the date your order is received.  It can be faster and sometimes it may take a touch longer.  WE will not rush or cut corners building anyone’s bicycle!  We’ll give you an estimated ETA once your order is processed as you will be contacted by Villy Custom personnel within 48 hours of submitting your order!

Can I upgrade my bike with features not shown online?

We offer lots of exciting customization features that we are not able to showcase on our website.  You can view our upgrade options.  You can go ahead and order your bicycle and write in the “comment” box, that you are interested in other features and we will handle those over the phone accordingly.

How can I customize my bike for my company?

If you are interested in doing a custom bicycle for your company, organization, wedding, or special event, we can definitely do something very special for you.  We can work with you on the design or we can create an amazing design for you (at no additional fee!).  We can do as few as one (1) bicycle or as many as 500…and we can do them quickly with lots of custom features (chainguard logos, custom colors, custom logo’d seat covers, specialty valve covers, Co-Branded badges, logo’d tires, etc…).  Feel free to email us with your request at

What was it like being on Shark Tank?

Being on Shark Tank was a memory I’ll never forget. I got to share the experience with Villy, and my friends Adelaida and Berti.  Everyone at ABC was very helpful and our 4 day stay in LA was filled with excitement and good times.  Being on the show was pressure packed and super fun (once I settled in with the Q & A part!)  Thankfully, I got to take Villy “on air” with me to put the smiles on the Shark’s faces. He always warms the room, even in that type of setting.  The night before our taping, we visualized getting Mark and Barbara to join our team, and that is exactly what happened, so…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Feel free to ask any Shark Tank questions at: I love talking about it!


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How did you get started?

I rented a cruiser bike for an hour on Venice Beach in 2008 and returned it 5 hours later.  I had so much fun I completely lost track of time!  That started my attraction to casual, comfortable bike riding (just for the fun of it).  I ended up buying a cruiser bike in Dallas and the next thing I knew, I opened up a small retail location selling apparel and cruiser bicycles.  Over time, we began researching to find unique tires, grips and other parts.  A few months later, we were designing our own bikes.

Which frame will fit me the best?

If you are interested in purchasing a Villy Custom bicycle but aren’t sure which frame to purchase, let us give you a hand. Email us at with any questions.


Note:  All of the frames are unisex, although, most women would prefer a “step-through” frame (Onassis or Women’s Brougham) and most men would go with a “step-over” frame (Deluxe or Men’s Brougham).  Our bikes will typically fit anyone around 4’11” to 6’4” with proper seat and handlebar adjustments. If you are hesitant about the frame being compatible please email us with your height and preferred frame.

How did we get our name?

When I was coming up with a name for our Brand, I wanted something with good letters (for design purposes) and something unique that represented what we do.  After coming up with a long list of names I wrote them all down on a sheet of paper and asked my family, friends and associates.  Out of all the names, it was almost a unanimous decision.  Easy choice.  The name is recognizable and everyone who knows my dog (Villy) knows how unique and fun he is.  He is a one-of-a-kind dog and Villy Custom is a one-of-a-kind Brand and I feel it is the perfect name.  It’s an honor to have such a wonderful thing to build our Brand around.  Thank you, Villy, we love you!!!

What’s it like working with Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban?

They have both been great to work with. They’ve both taken a lot of interest in the moves we are making and the way we are growing Villy Custom. Most of our dealings with Mark are all via email but he is 100% on top of everything going on and he has served up all kinds of website advice, internet and sales advice and he is very motivated to push us to build and grow.  Sometimes he has gotten in my grill, but, he is usually correct with the things that he tells me so I am always listening and grateful for his expert advice and opinions.  We still have lots of improvements to make and we are working hard to get the job done! Adelaida and I went up and met with Barbara and her entire crew in NYC.  We have skype sessions, conference calls and the whole Corcoran crew has been very supportive.  Barbara has been full of ideas, marketing expertise, and very focused on our site being user friendly.  She has a great sense of fashion and I believe she has that woman’s touch that we need.  So, to sum it up, they are both FANTASTIC and I couldn’t dream of having any two better investors on board with us. Really appreciate them believing in us.


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What is a Cruiser bike?

Cruiser bikes are the perfect bike for anyone.  You don’t need any special bike riding gear (spandex, clip-in shoes, padded bike pants) at all.  Just grab something you like to wear that is fun and fabulous and throw on a pair of shades and let the good times roll.  It’s not the destination….it’s the journey, so kick back into a comfortable seating position and don’t worry about going fast or far just focus on seeing the sites and sounds of wherever you happen to be.  A beach, your neighborhood, heading up to your local Starbucks, a boardwalk or biking trail or wherever else you may want to ride that you will enjoy.  Cruiser bikes make things simple: You don’t need a bunch of wires, speeds or hand breaks for a smoother ride.  If you plan on serious workouts or going super long distances, you might want to select another style of bike, but, the cruiser bike is the way to enjoy and ride in style!

Who is Deville?

DeVille aka Villy is the brand icon for Villy Custom.

How long has Villy Custom been in business?

We started the Brand in 2009 and developed the first version of our website in Jan. 2010. We’ve made our best efforts to innovate and push the customization features and quality that we offer. With over 4,000 bikes sold to date, we have lots of satisfied customers over the past few years.

Where can I see a Villy Custom in person?

Hopefully, you will see one “on the road”.  Villy Custom is an exclusive Brand and we focus on “made to order” bicycles, therefore, our bikes are not available in local bike shops. You can see tons of great pics on our site and also at

How can I sell your bikes?

If you are interested in being an Ambassador for our Brand, get inside access, and make money selling our bikes, email us at

Where are the bikes manufactured?

They are manufactured in the United States, specifically Dallas, TX.


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