Villy Customs x One Small Blonde Collab & Giveaway!

Villy Customs x One Small Blonde Collab & Giveaway!

July 29, 2016

“As you know, Villy Customs was founded to be a standout fashion accessory. We wanted to collaborate with someone who was not only local but trendy and as dope as we are… if not more.”

 -Airion Watkins-Clark, Director of Marketing - Villy Custom

 The Vision: 

This idea led us to Brooke from One Small Blonde, a great fashion blogger based out of Dallas, Texas. Above anything else, we love to collaborate with other Dallas-grown companies, and we felt like a collaboration with Brooke was a natural match for our brand.

 Brooke describes her style as simple, sophisticated, and chic- three adjectives that also could be used to describe the Villy cruiser she designed. We loved how she designed a snow white Onassis with gold and black accents that perfectly matches the theme of her blog- it truly is a OneSmallBlonde cruiser. We had so much fun hitting the streets of Dallas with Brooke to capture some shots of the "blonde" cruiser on the go. 

 The Best Part: Bike Giveaway!

Not only did we team up with Brooke to give her the cruiser bike of her dreams, but we are going to do the same for one of her followers! To find out more about Brooke's experience designing her cruiser and to get the details of how to win a bike of your own, head over to Brooke's Blog. The winner will be announced on August 6th! 



A Note from the Social Media Intern:

Working on this collaboration was a major part of my responsibilities as a marketing intern this summer. As an intern in a startup company, there is an endless amount of new and fun projects going on all the time. Working with cruiser bikes, there are almost infinite possibilities when it comes to collaborations with different brands. Who doesn’t want their own awesome cruiser bike?

I spent a large portion of my time reaching out to brands and people who we thought aligned closely with our image. There is very distinct feel to the Villy brand and lifestyle, and we always wanted to make sure we were remaining true to that. That is where I came in- finding the best of the best in the blogger and digital influencer world. At how many jobs do you get to check out fashion blogs and Instagrams?

 Along with this, the big focus for this summer was digital marketing. As a brand that exclusively sells their products online, it is important to be really utilizing all of the digital media channels. Between our two Instagram accounts (check out @villycustom and @therealvilly), Twitter, Pinterest, and the website, keeping up to date on social media takes more time then you would think! 

 One of our goals for this summer was to find influencers to bring onboard with the Villy crew who could really get the word out to their audiences about Villy Custom. Brooke is the first of our partners, and we couldn’t have been happier with the way the collaboration turned out! 

Be on the look out for more of our exciting collaborations coming soon!!