The Colors of this Summer

July 14, 2016

"Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.”

-Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute


As a custom cruiser company, we get asked a lot of questions about color. With an online builder that offers infinite design possibilities and the option to create a bike using every color of the rainbow, it can be overwhelming to try and create the perfect bike. 


Some general tips we tell to all our customers:

  • Stick to using three colors maximum. Bikes that have more than three colors tend to look less sharp and lose that “wow” factor that customers want when purchasing a Villy Customs There are some rare cases when 3+ colors cruisers can look good, like the cruiser featured on the right. It helps to stick to colors within the same color family.


  • Both the Onassis and Deluxe frame are unisex. It’s really personal preference on which frame you should pick. The colors offered with the Onassis frame may have a more feminine touch, but strip off those fenders, add in some Onyx accents and you’ve got yourself a true Cali cruiser.


The colors of Summer 2016 are all soft calming colors found in nature- perfect for an outdoor activity like riding a cruiser bike. Riding your cruiser bike should be a relaxing, happy experience and you want to create a bike that inspires that feeling. While bright neon colors will stand out, you are much less likely to get bored of a softer colored bike.

 Some of the hot colors of the summer:

Rose Quartz- as seen in our Sardinia cruiser 

 This is a gentle pink that is great for someone looking for a more feminine bike, but is still soft enough that it makes for a great neutral bike.



Mint- Perfect for a cruiser that is going to live at the beach, this color can be paired with practically anything for a sleek and clean cruiser look.



Navy Blue- A fun mid-tone blue that looks great as a matte finish such as seen in The Piston.  This color pairs super well with black and white accents. This color is a great choice for guys who don’t want to go with the classic black and white bike. 




Mocha-A soft gold earthy tone that is perfect for a unisex cruiser. Mocha is a color that transitions well from summer to all the other seasons, and leaves a lot of room for creativity when picking accent colors.




Hopefully for anyone who needed ideas for their cruiser vision, these colors will inspire you. The truth is, our team hand selected every color on the builder from the frames to the smallest accents to ensure that every cruiser is a masterpiece. Not going to lie though… the mint color is really calling my name now. It’s just so soothing!!



Every day our team continues to be shocked and awed by all of the epic cruisers our customers design….Can’t wait to see you what you come up with!