Fleetwood's Theory on Dogs

September 28, 2016

Unbelievable, Villy —actually Villy3— turned 1 year old today! He was born in Ontario, Canada on September 21, 2015. Eight weeks later I flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Dallas, rented a one-way car then drove DeVille back to Texas. I can remember the first moment that I met him... wish I could do that again ;-) He was tiny!

It has been a phenomenal ten months watching him turn from a super cute puppy into a handsome red-fawn Bull Mastiff.  We’ve already had a ton of great events together. He’s quiet, hilarious, smart, curious, adventurous, fearless and aims to please.  That is a key trait in a good dog.

We had his first birthday party today. I went all out and got him a cake, big gold “#1” balloon, a new stuffed animal, treats, a crown and some colorful necklaces. Everyone at the office sang Happy Birthday to him and he seemed chill and enjoyed it…then he INHALED the cake! Afterwards, we took him to Happy Hour at the West Village where he got to hang out and meet lots of people.  He came home and crashed!!



Anyway, it got me to thinking about how much I love and enjoy Villy, and why I love dogs so much. That is what I want to share with this post. =Some of this is pretty basic stuff but I am just relating it to my own experience, nothing more.

Dogs are very special.  Of all the animals on the planet —with no disrespect to all you cat lovers, because I love cats too— Mankind selected the dog as the most trainable, smartest, protective, loyal and good-natured all-around being to mix into our daily lives.  

Dogs bring so much to the table.  Just like a child, they are easily excited, love seeing and doing new things and always “rarin” to go.  Taking Villy to do fun things helps to keep me young.  Makes me happy to see him enjoying a new experience.

Dogs are funny.  Simple things he does….his playfulness…keeps me laughing and they say laughter makes you live a lot longer.

Dogs love walks.  If you walk your dog every day, you are burning calories and staying in shape.  Its never boring taking a walk with Villy.  We walk down creeks, streams and explore nature…. EVEN in Dallas!

Dogs are incredible companions.  No matter what is going on, they are always there for you. Always ready to come over, hang out and put a smile on your face.  They are always ready to get in the car and GO!

Dogs are the icebreaker.  I’ve found that wherever I go with Villy, I always meet tons of people. All ages, all races, all mixtures of people gravitate towards dogs and it’s a great way to meet strangers if you are an extrovert.

Dogs are protective.  Inbred in their nature is to be keen around unusual circumstances, so, when something isn’t right, he lets me know that something is "up" through his alert actions.  You have the best security system in the world when you have a dog, in my opinion.

Dogs are something to train, love and care for. They rely on you to take good care of them so it teaches you responsibility and caring for others.

Dogs are inexpensive.  For what you put into them, it’s the best deal going.  A lifetime of fun for not a lot of coin compared to what we spend on houses, cars, travel, fancy restaurants, etc.

I think loving a dog is one of the best experiences of life.