Final Cut: Villy Custom TV Commercial

June 12, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll please…… take a look at our TV commercial. We are super excited about this!


Our producer, Jason Robbins, had to comb through over 5 hours worth of film to cut it down to a little over a minute. I think we got a great mix of color, style and some incredible bike imagery. It’s a solid representation of just what makes Villy Custom such an original Brand. The moving bike shot (ridden by Rachael, who is a former Dallas Mavs dancer) was the first created from our new “Camo Collection”, and we have received an incredible response on the look.

We had some problems putting together original music that had the right feel, but after several different tries, we finally got something fun and upbeat that had a good flow to it.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in this project and thumbs up to Mark Cuban for funding this one. All members of the cast and crew did a great job.

As I mentioned before, you finish a group project like this and walk away friends with a whole new set of people, which is what life is all about. A week after we shot the commercial, we got a special delivery at Villy Custom Headquarters that took my breath away. Peter Robbins, who assisted Jason on the production, took a liking to Villy and he happens to be an incredible artist. He created this EPIC piece of art for us which now hangs in our Showroom. What a great gift from a great guy and I will always remember who gave us that painting and the memories we shared making this commercial. Good times!!! Thanks so much, Peter!

Villy Painting

Thanks for reading and our next blog will be all about creating our new Villy Custom apparel line with some sneak peeks

Until then, ENJOY THE RIDE!!