Mark Cuban Commercial

June 12, 2015

Shooting our First TV Commercial:

Having Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran as investors definitely comes with fringe benefits. Last month, I got the signal from Mark that he was offering to pay for all of the production costs for a Villy Custom network TV commercial. He also offered to handle some airtime spots for us! That’s right….Villy on the big screen in your home Mark wants to experiment with the idea on AXS TV, which is a network he owns with Ryan Seacrest, CAA, and CBS. What a lucky break for Villy Custom!!

Myself, Jason Robbins (our producer) and Abe (one of Cuban’s key officers) got together and storyboarded the commercial a week before shooting would begin. We wanted to showcase the uniqueness of the bikes and give customers the feel for the experience of designing a custom cruiser bike with Villy Custom. A tricky task, because you only have one minute to do all of that in a TV commercial, so, every second counts!!!

The real script ! -> SCRIPT - Villy Customs & MCC-1 SCHEDULE - Villy Customs & MCC

Once the storyboard was laid down, we created a rough script and scheduled the shoot. Amazingly, this all happened from beginning to end in one week. We shot most of the commercial at Villy Custom HQ and the ending off-site across the Calatrava Bridge with one of the Dallas Mavericks dancers (Rachael).
We had a talented 3 person production crew handling 2 film cameras and all kinds of lighting equipment. Jason kept things moving as we shot non-stop for 2 days straight, all for 1 minute of AWESOMENESS!!!!

I’m naturally pretty laid back when I speak, but for the commercial I had to perk up and speak with a little more excitement. After a few rough takes, I think I got it down pretty good. As usual, Villy stole the show, proving again that he LOVES the camera. We had one scene where Rachael was designing her bike and right in the middle of it Villy walked over, climbed up on the coffee table and just laid there for the entire “take”. First time he’s ever gotten on that coffee table so I know he wanted to be in it!

photo 1-6

After we wrapped the shoot, I felt like we were saying goodbye to old friends. Spending two full days with a group of good people and working hard toward a common goal (creating a remarkable Villy Custom TV commercial) you definitely form a strong bond. Big thanks to Jason and his crew (Nate and Peter).

We are currently doing final edits on the commercial and we will post the final cut here on the next blog along with a little surprise gift we got ;) I can’t wait to see this on TV!!!

Until next time………..ENJOY THE RIDE!

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