Coolin' it in Fire Island

June 12, 2015

Good things are happening every day at Villy Custom. Recently I got to take a business trip up to Fire Island, NY for our bike partnership ribbon cutting ceremony with the Palms Hotel in Ocean Beach. Great time, and, even more incredible, Barbara Corcoran showed up to keynote the event with a nice speech and my introduction. Thank you Barbara!!! They ordered an entire fleet of custom cruiser bikes from Villy and these will be offered to their hotel guests as a free amenity to get around the island in style! We branded the bikes to evoke the Palms Hotel color schemes and graphics and they were a HUGE hit! Personally, I think all hotels should jump on the bandwagon ;)

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I was very impressed with the entire event. The Palms Hotel put together press releases, posters, had a huge crowd for the event and really had things buzzing about the bikes. Smart move - as they maximized the publicity and brought a ton of attention to the quality of their Hotel by ordering top-notch custom cruiser bicycles for their guests.

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The fleet of custom cruiser bikes at the Palm Hotel in Fire Island, NY

The Long Island Pulse - Click Here

I got to tip my hat to Chris and Laura Mercogliano, owners of the Palms Hotel (Ocean Beach’s #1 hotel) for treating myself and my girlfriend with 100% VIP treatment. Spending a few days in Ocean Beach reminded me of a smaller, more intimate version of Key West, Florida. Cars are not allowed on Fire Island, all travel is via bicycles, and there are a ton of beach bikes all over the place. Lots of great little restaurants, clothing boutiques. music and relaxation…..great coastal vibe!

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After our 2 day stay in Ocean Beach, Barbara invited me and MoJo to spend a night at her private beach house in Saltaire, Fire Island. Her place is right on the beach and our guest room porch looked out over the ocean. Great to spend some awesome one on one time with BC. As an investor, she’s supportive and helpful in so many ways. Personally, she is so down to earth and fun to be around. Great sense of humor and really knows how to enjoy life. With both Barbara and Mark Cuban as partners, I got 2 great role models to aspire to. Sometimes I got to pinch myself!

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